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How To Improve Self-Care With Crystal Beauty Rituals

How To Improve Self-Care With Crystal Beauty Rituals

If I said “self-care” to you, what image does it conjure?

Probably relaxing massages, day spas, incredibly flexible yoga poses…
OK, maybe not the last one

However you nurture yourself, it’s physically and mentally beneficial to squeeze some self-love into your day.

Meditation between meetings or date-nights between graveyard shifts might not be an achievable plan, but there are practical and easy ways you can take care of yourself without creating extra stress. After all, that is the whole point, right? 
Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to establish a regular self-care routine is to sneak it into an existing habit or timetable.

You might not realize that you are already engaging in daily self-care simply by going about your regular daily routine. Turning your quick wash-down into a nourishing beauty ritual is the perfect opportunity for a daily dose of self-care, without it taking any additional time, planning or effort. 

How Can Skin-Care Be Self-Care?

Any act of skin-care is an act of self-care. It is, by nature, a comforting and nourishing act that reduces stress and anxiety, improves circulation, prevents aging and makes you look and feel great.

Creating beauty rituals that allow you to spend even just a few minutes a day focused on yourself and feeling good, is a stepping stone to greater self-care habits and mental clarity: think setting healthy boundaries, changing diets or behaviors. But life is so busy; how exactly do you find time to devote to self-care let alone beauty rituals?

When is the Best Time for Self-Care? 

Well, self-care can happen anytime you want or need it
Building on existing habits and patterns of behavior makes it more likely you will keep it going. If morning routines aren’t your thing you can add them to your evening bath soak, girls night in, your lazy Sunday afternoon or even as part of a sensual date night with your partner.  

For those of us looking to incorporate some extra healing benefits to our ritualistic efforts, crystal beauty tools are an innovative and replenishing way to add some super-charged energy to your self-care routine and take it to a level of higher purpose. 

Meet the ‘Hilton’ of facial cleansing tools: the ultra-soft bristles of the Rose Quartz Facial Cleansing Brush will cleanse and massage your skin as you wash away impurities and stress whilst invoking the healing properties of the rose quartz crystal. 

Judy Hall, author of ‘The Crystal Bible’ described Rose Quartz as “the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace”. With such a strong connection to the heart chakra, heart health, and emotional well-being there is surely no better beauty tool to start your self-care rituals with.

Creating self-care routines may take more adjustment than expected. If you’re not accustomed to making yourself a priority then suddenly booking in for regular hour-long massages seems an alien concept. Enter, the body roller
The gently spiked jade roller enables you to level-up your body treatment at home as part of your own self-love beauty ritual. Its versatility allows for a speedy roll-over before your usual cleansing routine, or a more intimate body massage. Pressured strokes from the roller break down cellulite stimulate circulation, and smooth skin. All this whilst the healing powers of jade re-balance energy and soothe nerves.

Rituals are defined by the systematic behaviors enacted throughout them and beauty rituals are no exception.

Now that your skin is cleansed and energized, your body massaged and rejuvenated, it’s time to comb some new life into your hair.  This Rose Quartz Crystal Comb will release tension and tightness, reduce headaches and promote new hair growth. It will fill your heart chakra with love and leave you feeling vibrant and gorgeous inside and out. Self-care made easy. 

Getting some ‘me-time’ doesn’t need to be something you block out on the calendar, arrange a sitter and schedule three weeks in advance.
Take care of your health and well-being by creating simple, easy to stick to, beauty rituals as part of your daily self-care routine. 

Have you tried any of the crystal beauty tools? Let me know in the comments what your self-care routine looks like and how you incorporate crystals for health. 
You can check out the full range of crystal beauty tools here.