About US

Created with intention, Gemsthetics is proud to offer products that add meaning to everyday esthetics through self-care, mindful routines and beauty rituals.   

Beauty rituals is an opportunity for you to connect with your essence, creative energy and nature. Beauty isn't just about appearance, it's about taking care of yourself, feeling good and cultivating a confident self-image inside and out. 

Our products are hand crafted from raw organic crystal harvested from different regions all over the globe.  Each stone holds different metaphysical powers and vibrate at distinct frequencies that act as a conduit for healing helping cells thrive on an energetic level. 

We believe gemstones represent a divine source that help you tap into your most magnificent self by channeling universal energies in the right direction. We want you to move away from thinking of your beauty routine as a chore or mundane routine, but more of a ritual. Start adding meaning into the little things.  When you consciously look at parts of your life as joy or carve out a moment of reflection and slow down, you begin to nourish your mind creating a more authentic healthy you. 

 Embody the beauty in you!


The Gemsthetics Tribe