Makeup Brush User Guide

Proper Brush Care


1. Wet bristles with luke warm water

2. Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser or a non-harsh soap into the palm of your hand

3. Gently massage the tips of the bristles into the palms of you hand coating with soap. 

4. Rinse bristles clean

5. Squeeze any excess water from bristles with a clean towel.

6. Reshape bristles and let air dry


Keep brushes in protective pouch when not using.

* Brushes are fragile and will break if dropped. 

* Do not boil brushes this can cause them to fracture and break. 

How to use the different brushes

Face Brushes:

Flat Stippling Foundation:  Use with primer or foundation seamlessly blending in light circular motions moving outward covering your entire face. Repeat another layer to Build coverage as needed.

Concealer / Highlighter:  Add a small amount of concealer or highlighter to the bristles, evenly apply with precision under your eyes, sides of your nose, top of cheek bones or any desired area for highlighting.

Contouring foundation:  Apply a light amount of darker foundation following the shadows of "your face" creating definition and dimension as the curves naturally hug your cheek bones, jawline, nose or any desired area.

Large powder / finishing: Gently dust powder around your face evenly buffing in small circular movements for a sheer finishing coverage.

Blush: Apply with light pressure a small amount of blush or bronzer to your cheekbones lightly blending outward creating a glowing finish. Repeat and build color as desired.

Kabuki: A voluminous brush ideal for applying powder or smoothing and blending all angles of the face creating a vibrant finish. 

Eye Brushes:

Base: Gently sweep shadow all over starting at the lash-line and blending up toward your brows evenly covering your entire eye.

Crease / Contour / Brightener: Apply a darker eye shadow to the crease and/or outer eye creating depth and definition. Or create a brightening effect to the inner corner of your eye or brow bone.

Precision shadow: Evenly distribute a concentrated color to the eyelid for intense color.  Repeat to build color as desired. Can also double as a concealer applicator for delicate areas needing gentle precision.

Blending: Softly brush away harsh lines creating a natural transition between colors. or blending a flawless smoky eye.

Eyeliner / brow: Apply your favorite powder, liquid or cream liner to softly line your lids. Or fill in to enhance thin or sparse brows.