Eye Massage User Guide

Relieve tired or dry eyes by doing a self-massage to help increase blood circulation to the eye area and release muscle tension. The eye exercise below can be used daily to encourage healthy habits and to reap the benefits of soothing eye care. 

STEP 1: Massage Eye Socket Bones

eye massage

Keeping your eyes closed, use your crystal eye massager to massage the eye-socket bones and down to the bridge of the nose. Repeat 8-10 times. This will help to increase the blood circulation in your face, giving more oxygen and nutrients to the red blood cells around your eyes. 

STEP 2: Press on Pressure Points at Your Temples

eye massage

Press on the pressure points just under the brow bone below the inner eyebrows and count to 3. Then press at temples and do the same. By adding pressure, you’re stimulating different areas of your facial muscles, which are responsible for squinting and blinking. 

STEP 3: Relieve Pressure Between Your Eyes

eye massage

Using your crystal massage tool, gently press on the area right above the inner corner of the eyes where the crease of your lid begins. Press slowly and release. Repeat this exercise 5 times. By doing this, you’re helping to relieve pressure in between your eyes.

STEP 4: Massage Your Temples

eye massage

Massage the hollow area which is located in the temples on the side of your face using an up and down motion. Continue to massage the area for 1 minute. This can help to reduce any tension in your temples and gives a feeling of relaxation.