Gemstone Care

How to clean your Gemstone:

Gemstones are fragile, it's important that you handle with care. 

Rinse your gemstone in room temperature water, gently rub with a natural non-harsh soap for a few seconds and then rinse clean.  

Gently pat dry with a cloth.

After each use, please clean accroding to instructions.

*Never place your gemstone in boiling water, this will cause it to fracture and eventually break. 

*Never use harsh cleansers or soaps.

Our gemstones are natural, holistic body care items. The great thing about them is they are non-porous, making them naturally antimicrobial, thanks mother nature!


It's important that you store your gemstone in the padded pouch that it came in and away from other items that it can bang against. 

* Dropping your gemstone can cause it to break*