A revolution is taking place. Women all over the world are tapping into the true power of their spiritual selves and embracing the need for self-care.

There is no better time than now to add gems to your business. green beauty and spiritual practices are on the rise; there is a hunger for what we once knew.

Our gemstones are sourced from the most beautiful and pristine places on earth - mostly Madagascar, but also Brazil, Australia, Canada and Guatemala. We are proud to offer you a divine variety of beautiful crystals, authentic jades, and other exquisite gemstones for your business.

With a low order minimum of $400 you can become a Gemsthetics retailer today!  Mix and match any products in our shop to reach the order minimum. All items will come in a Gemstone Yoni branded box along with a user guide and storage pouch.

Supply your customer's with certified gemstones and a brand they can trust.

Please note that we DO NOT offer private label.  As a Gemsthetics retailer you will be a distributor of the Gemsthetics brand. 

Complete the contact form to see how you can become a Gemsthetics retailer.  Be sure to include: